The Prophecy for Now

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YEAR & Eps & Duration

2022 | 8×60


謝禮如 HSIEH Li-lu
[email protected]

2022, all temple services have become electronic in Taiwan. Treasured temple history and culture intertwine with contemporary performing art, attracting millions of tourists from overseas.
The virtualized temple activities have left much land unused and redundant. The question of which sector will be able to exploit these ‘controversial lands’ is still to be settled – agriculture or the semiconductor industry? A referendum, therefore, is held to decide.
A wedding is celebrated in Taiwan’s most grandiose temple. At the ceremony, the bridegroom’s mother and father are both assassinated, and their respective spouses are arrested for murder.
Secret agent GUAN Yi-Shi , joins forces with genius hacker, ZHONG Xin-Shi, in an attempt to find the killer. This endeavor leads them to discover many dirty secrets.